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19 June 2010 - Marinefliegergeschwader 3 at Nordholz  - Germany

- Fly out of the famous Brequet Atlantic -

Marinefliegerhorst (Naval Air Station) Nordholz is the home of German's Navy Marinefliegergeschwader (MFG) 3

               "Graf Zeppelin"               

Named in honour of Germany's pioneer of airships - MFG 3 operates both the service's long range maritime patrol and shipborne helicopter fleets. MFG 3 also flies (additionally) the Dornier Do.228 environmental patrol aircraft which belong to the Department of Transport.

The slogan of MFG 3 'Fliegen wo die Flotte fährt' (fly where the fleet sails) is taken seriously.



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 Nordholz, North of Bremen, is perhaps one of the few bases with a bright future.

To start with, the Brequet Atlantics are to be replaced by eight Lockheed P-3C Orion aircraft to be taken over from the Dutch Navy.

The Dutch government are quite happy to part with a maritime patrol capability, despite the Netherlands being an ocean faring nation.

Fortunately for MFG 3, the neccessity of having maritime patrol aircraft is not lost on the German government, however.

After 2010, the Super Lynx will be replaced with the European NH.90 helicopter.

My special thanks go to the CO of Marinefliegerhorst Nordholz and his staff, who enabled this visit


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