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          298 Sqn  CH-47D & NH90               300 Sqn  AS352U2 & Alouette III           301 & 302 Sqn  AH-64D                303 SAR Sqn  AB412SP            860 Sqn  SH14D

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 Since Soesterberg Air Base was be closed end of 2007, 298 and 300 squadron have moved to Gilze-Rijen.

Together with the AH-64D Apache (delivered from 1998 on) and the Navy Helicopters their was born a new

  command in the RNLAF, the Tactical Helicopter Group -THG  and renamed at these days as DHC, Defense Helicopter Command.

Six AH-64D Apaches are on a permanent stay in the USA at Fort Hood(Texas) while others are operated in Netherland, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The 860 Lynx Squadron use the updated SH-14D Lynx and is assigned to the  group and based at De Kooy assigned to the DHC.

These 'Oldies' will be replaced in 2012 by 20 NH-90s.


           Nike Ajax Missile                                                 < F-84 Thunderstreak >                                                                                               NF-5A


                           < The Famous Northrop NF-5A  Freedom Fighter of 316 Squadron >                                                     < MBB Bo-105 >


                        < KLu - Historical Flight in the old buildings >                                        ... See the AH-64D in details in the Maintenance hall ....                   

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